Our Schedule 2020

Please Note: This a tentative schedule.

The 31st Annual Vince Ryan Memorial Scholarship Hockey Tournament

    Thursday, March 19, 2020  
  Canada Games Complex    
Time     Division
6:30 PM Willie’s Jets Team Molson T
7:40 PM Rivermen Devco Islanders P
  Dominion Rink    
Time     Division
6:30 PM Glace Bay Fire Department GWL Trucking &Landscaping J-Y
7:40 PM Coors McPhee’s Plumbing Jiggers Canadians S
8:50 PM Donkin Hose Hounds Lingan ERT J-Y
  Membertou Emera    
Time     Division
6:30 PM Beer Kings Scorpions C
7:40 PM Bishop Falls Northside Letter Kenny S
8:50 PM Goop Squad Bardown Bandits C
  Membertou BMO    
Time     Division
6:30 PM Tantallon Stick Fix #2 Pit Ponies W
7:40 PM Breton Brewery Setco Renovations K-L
  Center 200    
Time     Division
6:30 PM Glace Bay Crusaders Northside Blue Devils U-V
7:40 PM River Rats Sydney Pepsi Blues X
8:50 PM Cape Breton Highlanders Eagles A-B
  County Arena – Coxheath    
Time     Division
6:30 PM Sobey’s Chiefs Sydney Mines Robins Panthers R
7:40 PM Mercer Fuels Protocase C
  Whitney Pier Arena    
Time     Division
6:30 PM Sydney Jets  Starz D-E
7:40 PM Eskasoni Eagles Pier Canucks K-L
  Emera Centre – North Sydney    
Time     Division
6:30 PM Northside Hericanes Deer Lake Wingettes H-I
7:40 PM Miz Conducts Capers F
8:50 PM J.R Rahey’s MacInnis Lumberjacks Q
    Friday, March 20, 2020  
  Canada Games Complex    
Time     Division
4:00 PM Devco Islanders Lake Road Tankers P
5:10 PM Donkin Hose Hounds GWL Trucking & Landscaping J-Y
6:20 PM Willie’s Jets Old Puckers T
7:30 PM Impact Perky Penguins Iceaholics G
8:40 PM Canning Hericanes Slot Rockets G
  Dominion Rink    
Time     Division
4:00 PM Cape Breton Combos #2 Pit Ponies W
5:10 PM Glace Bay Crusaders Summers Dream U-V
6:20 PM Jiggers Canadians Bishop Falls S
7:30 PM Lingan ERT Glace Bay Fire Department J-Y
8:40 PM Belly Busters Setco Renovations K-L
  Membertou – Emera    
Time     Division
4:00 PM Pier Canucks Breton Brewery K-L
5:10 PM Coors Lite McPhee’s Plumbing Northside Letter Kenny S
6:20 PM Incognito Ross Screen Printing U-V
7:30 PM Starz Conrad’s Cougars D-E
8:40 PM Eskasoni Eagles Antigonish Horn Dogs K-L
  Membertou – BMO    
Time     Division
4:00 PM Tantallon Stick Fix The Fog W
5:10 PM Preston Selects Manvers N
6:20 PM Bougerous Diesel Dartmouth Capitals O
7:30 PM Camo Tows Capers F
8:40 PM Seagulls Forrest Street Lumberjacks M
  Center 200    
Time     Division
4:00 PM Truro Fluds Sydney Pepsi Blues X
5:10 PM Samari Warriors Eagles A-B
6:20 PM 28 Black Glace Bay Bud Lite Miners O
7:30 PM Sobey’s Chiefs Coors Lite Thirsty Nights R
8:40 PM Mercer Fuels Bardown Bandits C
  County Arena – Coxheath    
Time     Division
4:00 PM Horn’s Heros BJ Electric S
5:10 PM Antigonish Outsiders Rivermen P
6:20 PM MacInnis Lumberjacks Beer Belly Breakaways Q
7:30 PM Team Molson Crazy 8’s T
8:40 PM Cape Breton Highlanders Royal Canadian Armour School A-B
  Whitney Pier    
Time     Division
4:00 PM Lobsters R Us Hogie’s Heros M
5:10 PM Deer Lake Wingettes Scramblers Too H-I
6:20 PM Perky Penguins Sr. Scramblers One G
7:30 PM Goop Squad Scorpions C
8:40 PM Wynn Park Wildcats Sydney Jets D-E
    Friday, March 20, 2020  
  North Sydney – Emera Centre    
Time     Division
3:00 PM Andrea Family Lakewind Cape Crusaders  
4:10 PM River Rats Vics X
5:20 PM Northside Blue Devils Spanish Bay U-V
6:30 PM Beer Kings Protocase C
7:40 PM Northside Hericanes Ice Gators H-I
8:50 PM MacLeod Excavating KRD Industrial Service N
  Sydney Mines    
Time     Division
4:00 PM Martin Selects Miz Conducts F
5:10 PM Dental Demons J.R Rahey’s Q
6:20 PM ECMF Molson Knights M
7:30 PM Sydney Mines Robin Panthers Portland Winterhawks R
8:40 PM Halifax Vikings Cheticamp Rockets A-B
    Saturday, March 21, 2020
  Canada Games Complex    
Time     Division
10:00 AM Impact Slot Rockets G
11:10 AM Antigonish Outsiders Lake Road Tankers P
12:20 PM Eagles Cheticamp Rockets A-B
1:30 PM GWL Trucking & Landscaping Lingan ERT J-Y
2:40 PM Capers Martin Select F
3:50 PM Impact Perky Penguins Sr. G
5:00 PM Willie’s Jets Crazy 8’s T
6:10 PM Antigonish Outsiders Devco Islanders P
  Dominion Rink     
Time     Division
10:00 AM Glace Bay Bud Lite Miners Bougerois Diesel O
11:10 AM Lobsters R Us  Forrest Street Lumberjacks M
12:20 PM Donkin Hose Hounds Glace Bay Fire Department J-Y
1:30 PM Glace Bay Minor Hockey  Tots Game Tots
2:40 PM Incognito Glace Bay Crusaders U-V
3:50 PM Horn’s Heros MacPhee’s Plumbing S
5:00 PM Jiggers Canadians B.J Electric  S
6:10 PM Coors Lite Thirsty Nights Portland Winterhawks R
  Membertou – Emera    
Time     Division
10:00 AM Dartmouth Capitals 28 Black O
11:10 AM Setco Renovations Antigonish Horn Dogs K-L
12:20 PM Cape Breton Highlanders Halifax Viking A-B
1:30 PM Manvers MacLeod Excavating N
2:40 PM Eskasoni Eagles Breton Brewery K-L
3:50 PM The Fog #2 Pit Ponies W
5:00 PM Cheticamp Rockets Samari Warriors A-B
6:10 PM Manvers KRD Industrial Services N
    Saturday, March 21, 2020
  Membertou – BMO    
Time     Division
9:00AM Camo Tows Martin Selects F
10:10 AM ECMF Hogie’s Heros M
11:20 AM Horne’s Heros Bishop Falls S
12:30 PM Samari Warriors Royal Canadian Armour School A-B
1:40 PM Preston Selects KRD Industrial Service  N
2:50 PM Dartmouth Capitals  Glace Bay Bud Lite Miners O
4:00 PM Cape Breton Combo  Tantallon Stick Fix W
5:10 PM Halifax Vikings Royal Canadian Armour School A-B
6:20PM  Preston Selects MacLeod Excavating N
  Center 200    
Time     Division
10:00 AM Summers Dream Incognito U-V
11:10 AM Cape Breton Combos The Fog W
12:20 PM River Rats Truro Fluds X
1:30 PM Sydney Pepsi Blues Vics X
2:40 PM Sobeys Chiefs Portland Winterhawks R
3:50 PM Old Puckers Team Molson T
5:00 PM Rivermen Lake Road Tankers P
  County Arena – Coxheath    
Time     Division
10:00 AM Ross Screen Printing Spanish Bay U-V
11:10 AM Wynn Park Wildcats Conrad’s Cougars D-E
12:20 PM Crazy 8’s Old Puckers T
1:30 PM Dental Demons Beer Belly Breakaways Q
2:40 PM Bougerois Diesel 28 Black O
3:50 PM Conrad’s Cougars Sydney Jets D-E
5:00 PM Antigonish Horn Dogs Belly Busters K-L
6:10 PM Dental Demons MacInnis Lumberjacks Q
  Whitney Pier Rink    
Time     Division
10:00 AM Ice Gators Scramblers Two H-I
11:10 AM Perky Penguins Iceaholics Scramblers One G
12:20 PM Mercer Fuels Scorpions  C
1:30 PM Belly Busters Pier Canucks K-L
2:40 PM Ice Gators Deer Lake Wingettes H-I
3:50 PM Seagulls Hogie’s Heros M
5:00 PM Starz Wynn Park Wildcats D-E
  North Sydney – Emera Centre    
Time     Division
10:00 AM Seagulls Molson Knights M
11:10 AM Northside Letter Kenny B.J Electric S
12:20 PM Coors Lite Thirsty Nights Sydney Mines Robins Panthers R
1:30 PM Northside Blue Devils Ross Screen Printing U-V
2:40 PM Lobsters R Us Molson Knights M
3:50 PM Slot Rockets Scramblers One G
5:00 PM J.R Rahey’s Beer Belly Breakaways Q
6:10 PM Vics Truro Fluds X
    Saturday, March 21, 2020  
  Sydney Mines    
Time     Division
10:00 AM Perky Penguins Sr. Canning Hericanes G
11:10 AM Beer Kings Bartown Bandits C
12:20 PM Goop Squad Protocase C
1:30 PM Camo Tows Miz Conducts F
2:40 PM Northside Hericanes Scramblers Two H-I
3:50 PM Summers Dream Spanish Bay U-V
5:00 PM ECMF Forest Street Lumberjacks M
6:10 PM Perky Penguins Iceaholics Canning Hericanes G
  Championship Games Sunday, March 22, 2020  
  Canada Games Complex    
Time     Division
10:00 AM     G
11:20 AM Tommy Wilcox    Y
12:40 PM     R
2:00 PM     T
Time     Division
10:00 AM     P
11:20 AM     U
12:40 PM     J
  Membertou – Emera    
Time     Division
10:00 AM     N
11:20 AM     A
12:40 PM     L
2:00 PM     Q
  Membertou – BMO    
Time     Division
10:00 AM     S
11:20 AM     V
12:40 PM     O
2:00 PM     K
  Centre 200    
Time     Division
10:00 AM     W
11:20 AM     X
12:40 PM     B
2:00 PM     C
  County Arena – Coxheath     
Time     Division
10:00 AM    
11:20 AM     E
12:40 PM     M
  North Sydney    
Time     Division
10:00 AM     F
11:20 AM     H
12:40 PM     I

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